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Preconstruction Planning

Over the coming 18 months the Hermal Group will build a new multi-million-dollar facility, as part of their $190 million-dollar investment in Tasmania’s plantation-based hardwood timber products.


Using proprietary and innovative technologies and new industry processes this venture will completely re-invent standard plantation and milling practices. Establishing Tasmania as a world leader in quality renewable plantation Kiln Dried timber products.

Environmentally Efficient

At full capacity the mill will process in excess of 300,000 cubic meters of plantation hardwood per year.And the waste produced will be converted into direct injection bio fuel, for dispatchable renewable electricity generation



The largest plantation Hardwood mill and one of the most environmentally efficient mills of its type anywhere in the world, from a commercial, and renewable resource.

This project will require an investment of $190m to complete the facility.

To help reach these objectives this world-class facility will be creating over 200 new and ongoing jobs and opportunities and indirectly create thousands more across Tasmania.

To build and operate our facility we will be working hand in hand with local authorities, business groups across the state and the community generally.


The Hermal Group are now seeking interested parties to be involved in the construction of the facility to register on this website.


We also welcome people registering for future employment  at the completed facility in Burnie.


By registering interest at the bottom of this page, you will be kept informed of progress and key dates in terms of the project build and operation.


Ongoing Staff

Once the facility is completed we expect to employee over 200 staff.  Staff will be spread across the Green Mill, drying facilities, timber product production,  administration and logistics areas. 


The facility is expected to process around 300,000 cubic metres of plantation logs.


The facility will only process plantation timber. 


We will begin providing detailed recruitment information as we progress on the build of the facility.   

Build Contractors and Staff

The first stage of the project is commencement of the build, once the planning approvals are in place for the facility. 


We strongly encourage all local and wider Tasmanian contractors interested in receiving information about the project and potentially putting in for work on the build, to complete and submitting the form at bottom of this page, in due course either one of our representatives or, our lead construction contractor will contact you.



Head Office

Burnie TAS 7320

Tel: 1300 300 898



For regular updates or to register for future employment opportunities or to list your interest in the build phase please complete the form and we'll be intouch.



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